The Best Alma Ted Hair Restoration – A Complete Guide! Beautyborn Medspa, Where Timeless Beauty Is Born. Phoenix, Az 85016, Us.

The Best Alma Ted Hair Restoration – A Complete Guide! Beautyborn Medspa, Where Timeless Beauty Is Born. Phoenix, Az 85016, Us.

Let’s explore how Alma TED hair restoration helps you get the most confidence in yourself!

In ancient times long, thick hair was considered a symbol of vitality and confidence. Hair loss, while putting a damper on self-esteem and confidence, makes sense for depression and anxiety. No hair or less hair can leave you less confident while moving in social meet-ups and gatherings.

There is more to the story, as every problem comes with a science-backed solution. All you need is to believe it and try it. Yes! You need to trust the most advanced hair restoration technique Alma TED Hair restoration at BeautyBorn MedSpa.

Among thousands of those suffering from hair loss paying a toll on self-esteem and confidence, the Alma TED Hair restoration device is music to their ears.

Alma TED hair restoration technology is the ultimate solution for premature hair loss. The reasons may range from genetic issues to hormonal problems, from diseases to stress and aging; Alma TED is the excellent-advanced hair restoration solution that BeautyBorn MedSpa is proud to present in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is Alma TED Hair restoration technology?

Alma TED by Alma laser company is a game changer in hair restoration. The product has established the gold standard regarding patient safety and treatment effectiveness. Hair restoration by Alma TED (Trans Epidermal Drug Delivery) is a non-surgical, non-invasive ultrasound device that utilizes acoustic sound waves and air pressure to deliver specially formulated hair restoration medications into the deeper skin layers. Acoustic sound waves create air bubbles within the stratum corneum to expand the lipid bilayer for maximum absorption of hair care formula. However, air pressures induce further medication delivery, which creates a push-and-pull effect. The Alma TED device successfully drives medication into the dermis and helps nourish hair follicles and the scalp.

BeautyBorn MedSpa utilizes a patented hair care formula containing active ingredients such as growth factors essential for scalp health and follicular strength by increasing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. Alma TED with hair care formula improves hair thickness, strength, and shine. Ultimately fuller-looking hair helps you look and feel the best of yourself.

What are the benefits of Alma TED Hair restoration?

  • Alma TED hair restoration treatment increases blood flow to the hair follicles.
  • Improves overall scalp and hair health
  • Treatment is pain-free, and no discomfort is associated with the procedure
  • Alma TED hair restoration results in thicker, stronger, and shinier hair
  • Instead of creating channels with needles and laser energy, Alma TED allows the penetration of medication through temporary painless channels.
  • Alma Ted hair restoration is a revolutionary technique in aesthetic sciences that produces superior outcomes.
  • Patients start observing fewer bald spots, new hair growth, and less shedding with three treatments.
  • Treatment results in more volume and height to the hair
  • Treatment is effective for non-scarring alopecia
  • Treatment with the Alma TED device treats androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness starting in the early 20s, and female pattern baldness affecting later in life caused by hormones and stress.
  • Alma TED is effective for eyebrow and beard hair regrowth and thickening.
  • Minimal to no downtime is associated with the procedure
  • No anesthesia
  • No shedding after treatment
  • Patients’ testimonials after the Alma TED report a boost in their confidence and self-esteem.

Who is an Ideal candidate for Alma TED Hair restoration?

You may be an ideal candidate for Alma TED hair restoration under the following conditions;

  • Good health with no underlying diseases
  • Having realistic expectations from the outcome of the procedure
  • Patients in the early stages of hair loss
  • Patients experiencing shedding and hair thinning
  • The one wants to improve hair health, thickness, and strength
  • Patients not taking steroids


Trans epidermal hair restoration is a straightforward procedure that does not require the complexities of the process and pre-procedural protocols. All you need to come to your appointment with clean hair with no hair or scalp care products. The device uses low-frequency acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive hair care formula into the hair follicles. You will feel slight warmth and vibration on your scalp. Within twenty-five minutes of treatment, the device successfully delivers medicament (Hair care formula) into the Tran epidermal skin layers to the hair follicles.

You may resume your activities after the procedure, as no downtime is associated.


What to expect after Alma TED hair restoration?

No worries, as no recovery period, is required after getting TED hair restoration treatment. You only need to not wash and color your hair twenty-four hours after the treatment.

AFTER HOW LONG DO THE RESULTS OF ALMA TED hair restoration appear?

It is recommended to have three initial treatments four weeks apart in three consecutive months for the best hair restoration results. At BeautyBorn Medspa, your hair care experts will ask you for a follow-up examination four to six weeks after the third treatment. You may get a maintenance plan according to your customized needs.

Why choose BeautyBorn MedSpa for your hair restoration goals?

The state-of-the-art facility of BeautyBorn MedSpa in Phoenix, Arizona, is a one-stop destination for all your aesthetic care needs.

You are at the right place if you are looking for the most cutting-edge, advanced, and safe solution for your hair care concerns. We are ready to get you results with the most advanced Alma TED hair restoration technology under the supervision of highly skilled and trained board-certified aestheticians and specialists.

For further information on the possibilities that BeautyBorn MedSpa offers its clients, book a consultation at www.beautybornmedspa.com or call/text us now at 602-800-0022.

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