Semaglutide Weight Loss – Everything You Want To Know! Beautyborn Medspa 2200 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 102 Phoenix, Arizona.

Semaglutide Weight Loss – Everything You Want To Know! Beautyborn Medspa 2200 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 102 Phoenix, Arizona.

Semaglutide Weight LossLet’s explore how Semaglutide helps in achieving healthy weight loss!

BeautyBornMedSpa, one of the best MedSpa in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a unique weight loss solution for overall personality reju venation as part of the other weight loss programs. Our team of experts in at BeautyBornMedSpa have profound knowledge about body aesthetics and guide our patients who struggle with weight loss. Certain factors contribute to excessive weight gain or cause patients to fall into the category of overweight and obese.

Along with various weight loss regimens, Semaglutide provides an ultimate weight loss solution to those who have tried workouts and diets and are not getting the required outcomes. Also, losing weight is difficult for patients with underlying health conditions contributing to weight gain or don’t allow the loss of weight successfully.

Semaglutide, when paired with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise, helps you achieve your desired weight. We at BeautyBornMedSpa are eager to tell you more about Semaglutide. Read on and explore what Semaglutide is, how it works, what makes Semaglutide your best weight loss option, the treatment expectations, and the benefits of the treatment.

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide receptor agonist. GLP- 1 is produced in our small intestine. This naturally produced hormone GLP-1 stimulates insulin secretion, suppresses glucagon secretion, and lowers blood sugar levels. The weight loss medication Semaglutide is made up of glucagon-like peptide GLP-1 and is effective in controlling appetite and other eating habits.

The weight loss goal achieved after Semaglutide treatments are comparable to gastric bypass surgery by many physicians. Semaglutide is believed to produce weight loss efficiency as greater as twice whencompared with other weight loss products. A study shows that the adults who receive Semaglutide treatment weekly show a 14.9% loss in weight after 68 weeks of treatment. 32% of people showed a 20% loss in their body weight, while the rest lost 10% weight.

What are the benefits of Semaglutide?

Semaglutide has provided jaw-dropping weight loss benefits to patients and has saved them from battling weight gain and obesity. The following uses of Semaglutide will help you better decide on life-changing weight loss regimen:

  • Semaglutide is one of its kind, being a safe and effective new generation of weight loss medication.
  • Semaglutide is effective for obese patients and those who want to achieve their ideal weight and have tried diet, exercise and other weight loss medications.
  • The medicine works to lower blood sugar levels without causing hypoglycemia.
  • Semaglutide suppresses appetite
  • Reduces HbA1c levels
  • Semaglutide helps in feeling fuller for longer by delaying gastric emptying.
  • While decreasing glucagon secretion in the pancreas, Semaglutide promotes insulin secretion in b cells
  • Diminishes out-of-control fasting and after-eating glucagon levels
  • Increases glucose-dependent insulin secretion
  • Semaglutide reduces lipids, blood pressure, inflammatory markers, oxidative stress, and endothelial dysfunction.
  • Weight loss with Semaglutide improves self-perception and mood
  • Treatment with Semaglutide not only provides weight loss benefits but ultimately provides good health.
  • Semaglutide decreases the occurrence of certain diseases such as stroke and heart attack in patients with type II diabetes.

Who is the right candidate for Semaglutide?

Not everyone is the right candidate for treatment with Semaglutide. Adults with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30, and patients with BMI greater than 27 with medical problems causing weight gains such as high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and high cholesterol should avoid this treatment.

Semaglutide is not prescribed for patients with a personal or family history of endocrine and thyroid tumors, particularly medullary thyroid cancer. However, different individuals respond differently to Semaglutide therapy; as Dr Jastreboff says, “there are no blood tests that could let someone know they’re going to respond to a given therapy or medication, such as GLP-1 analogue like Semaglutide.”

How is Semaglutide therapy given to patients?

Patients engage in an interactive care plan with a medical provider. After an initial consultation, a goal weight is set between the provider and patient. The provider then packages Semaglutide for patients with a particular amount of syringes. These syringes may vary in dosage depending upon different variables and provider recommendations.

The patient is provided with specific instructions on how often and where to inject the Semaglutide syringe. Once all syringes have been utilized, the patient will schedule a follow up with the provider before a next dosage is issued.

The dosage of Semaglutide depends on your BMI and associated medical conditions. For better weight management and to avoid side effects, take Semaglutide gradually from low to high doses as prescribed by your physician.

What risks and complications are associated with Semaglutide therapy?

The magic pill Semaglutide has proved to be a life-changing medication for patients who adopt lifestyle modifications such as workouts and a nutritious diet. However, specific side effects are associated with Semaglutide, which are listed as under;

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • constipation
  • abdominal pain
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • flatulence
  • abdominal distention
  • gastroenteritis
  • dyspepsia
  • hypoglycemia in patients with type II diabetes

The skilled weight loss management team at BeautyBornMedSpa always discusses with their patients the history of medical conditions and allergies to make the Semaglutide treatment plan safe and effective. It is vital to describe specific medical conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, pancreatitis, gallbladder diseases, kidney diseases, and gastroparesis.

You might experience dizziness, blurred vision, and drowsiness due to high and low blood sugar levels. If you experience this, don’t do any activities requiring alertness and clear vision, such as driving and the use of machinery. Also, alcohol intake may cause lower blood sugar levels; limit it. Medication is not recommended for pregnant women; stop using Semaglutide 2 months before you plan a baby.

For further information on the possibilities that BeautyBornMedSpa offers on the safe use of Semaglutide, book your initial consultation by booking online at www.beautybornmedspa.com, or call/text us at 602-800-0022. We will be glad to tell you more about our services and procedures!

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